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Installing Odoo 15 on Ubuntu
Learn how to install Odoo 15 through a script and how to configure it.
Introduction To Owl
Learn how to use the OWL framework and create custom OWL widgets.
Creating and using JavaScript assets in Odoo
Learn how Odoo manages assets, how to create custom client actions and how to use XML templates
Introduction to the Odoo JavaScript framework
Learn how the main structure of the Odoo JavaScript framework works and how to add your own JavaScript code to a custom module.
Introduction to writing and using (automated) tests
Learn how to create, use and run automated tests in Odoo.
Creating search views with filters/groupby
Learn how to create search views and how to set filters, groupby and default
filters on your search view.
Creating activity views in Odoo
Learn how to create and use activity views in Odoo.
Inheriting and modifying QWeb reports
Learn how to inherit and modify existing QWeb reports.
Creating tours in Odoo
Learn how to create tours and add steps to the tours.
Creating map views in Odoo
Learn how to create and use maps views in Odoo.
Creating calculator fields in Odoo
Learn how to create calculator fields to do mathematical formulas in your
fields. You'll be able to enter formulas in your field and Odoo will compute the result right away.
Creating cohort views in Odoo
Learn how to create and use cohort views in Odoo.