Securing Odoo logins with fail2ban

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V 15.0
+/- 6 minutes
Written by Yenthe Van Ginneken

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1. Introduction

Security is an important part of your (Odoo) deployments. As with most online applications these days most of them are constantly being targetted by hackers. The same applies for Odoo logins. The possibility that somebody tries to bruteforce/guess himself into your Odoo instance is there. Thanks to a third party application named fail2ban we can secure our Odoo from this though. Fail2ban keeps track of login attempts and can automatically block login attempts based on the amount of attempts within a timeframe.

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup fail2ban in combination with Odoo. We'll setup a configuration that automatically blocks login attempts for 15 minutes when the login failed more than 5 times within 1 minute.

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