Creating JavaScript classes and widgets in Odoo

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Framework JavaScript
V 15.0
+/- 31 minutes
Written by Géry Debongnie

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1. Introduction

This tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of the two basic building blocks provided by the Odoo framework: classes and widgets.

This is a large topic, and a tutorial such as this one is not enough to cover it properly. To make the most of these topics we'll do a few tasks that explain the most important parts. We will complete the following task: make a quiz application, in which the user will be able to select a topic, answer a few multiple choices questions and then get a score.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own JavaScript classes, your own widgets, how to use them and add the end a detailed explanation about how communication between widgets works.

Tip: this tutorial is rather long and covers multiple subjects. Take your time to finish it or even plan a break in between. If the tutorial gets confusing - as there is a lot of code - you can download the example app for easier understanding of the structure.

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