Tutorial SMS integration

V15.0 3
Technical name: Tutorial SMS integration
License: Other proprietary
Website: http://www.oocademy.com
Version: 15.0
Category: Tutorial
Last updated: 1-04-2023
This app is a tutorial in the form of code. The app will learn you how to add SMS features.

Learn how to integrate SMS features into your module

This app contains all the code you need to add SMS features to your own module or an existing model.
All the code is documented inline with notes and extra information to understand how the SMS features work and which options you have.
The app explains three features:

  • Adding the SMS icon and text to a field so you can enter text and send a custom SMS to the customer.
  • Creating a button to call an SMS template and directly send an SMS to a customer.
  • Creating an action that opens a dialog so you can enter text and send a custom SMS to the customer.


  • New button named 'Send customer SMS' on the sale form view.
  • New action 'Send SMS to customer' under the actions dropdown of the sale order view.
  • New field 'Mobile phone customer' on the sale order with the option to send an SMS to the customer.
  • New SMS template named 'Sale order: available on portal'.
  • Inherit of the model 'sale.order'
  • Inline comments explaining the SMS features


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