Tutorial profiling code

V15.0 4
Technical name: Tutorial profiling code
License: Other proprietary
Website: http://www.oocademy.com
Version: 15.0
Category: Tutorial
Last updated: 2-02-2023
This app is a tutorial in the form of code. The app will learn you how to inherit existing QWeb reports in Odoo.

Learn how to profile Python code

This app contains all the code you need to profile code in Odoo.
All the code is documented inline with notes and extra information to understand how the profiling tool works.


  • Two new buttons named 'Profile bad function' and 'Profile good function' on the contacts form.
  • Two new Python functions named 'find_duplicate_contacts_bad_perf' and 'find_duplicate_contacts_good_perf' to demonstrate performance difference in profilers.
  • Inherit of the model 'res.partner'
  • Inline comments explaining the profiler


You can see the result of these functions by opening the logfile on your server.
For example: tail -f /var/log/your_odoo.log
You will see the output from the profile functions in your logfile.

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