Tutorial create email template

V11.0 8
Technical name: Tutorial create email template
License: Other proprietary
Website: http://www.oocademy.com
Version: 11.0
Category: Tutorial
Last updated: 2-02-2023
This app is a tutorial in the form of code. The app will learn you how to create configuration settings in Odoo.

Learn how to create and send e-mail templates and settings

This app contains all the code you need to add an e-mail template Odoo and how to load the e-mail template.
All the code is documented inline with notes and extra information to understand how e-mail templates work and how to open the e-mail dialog with your e-mail template.


  • New e-mail template "Contact: Happy birthday".
  • New button "Send birthday e-mail" at the top of the contact form.
  • New field named "birthdate" on the model "res.partner".
  • Inherits the existing model named "res.partner" to load the e-mail template.


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